Our Response to COVID-19

Our Commitment to the Community

We are open for emergencies and urgent dental care needs.

We have been closely monitoring the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), American Dental Association (ADA) and the California Dental Association (CDA). Drs. Baker, Barber, and Springer have been discussing and reviewing the recommendations and evidence to establish a plan with our patient and staff safety being our top priority.

First, as recommended by Governor Newsom, and recommended by the California and American Dental Associations we will be rescheduling all non-emergency procedures. If you have a dental emergency, pain or infection we are open and available to you. We are remaining open five days a week to be available to the citizens of Stanislaus County who need emergency dental care.

Next, prior to entering our office, each patient will be given a health screening. If you have experienced an elevated temperature or any other cold/flu-like symptoms, please call to reschedule your appointment prior to entering the office. Furthermore, if others are accompanying you to your appointment, kindly have them wait outside or in the car. If you would like to wait in the car instead of the reception area, please call us when you arrive at 209-527-5050. We will call you when we are ready for you to come back so you do not have to wait in the reception area. We also ask that you practice social distancing while waiting.

Based on the potentially life-threatening manner of dental emergencies, immediate treatment is required. We will continue to treat dental emergencies during this time, which can include facial or dental infection, trauma involving facial bones, urgent dental care to relieve severe pain, painful or symptomatic wisdom teeth, post-operative complications, tooth infections, tooth fracture, soft tissue trauma, extensive caries, or defective restorations causing pain and swelling. If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office at 209-527-5050.

Although we abide by the strictest level of sanitization in our office, we will be enhancing our cleaning/sterilization procedures to surpass those recommended. The front desk, waiting area, and bathrooms will be fully sanitized multiple times per day. We will also be cleaning all door handles. In addition, all magazines will be removed from our waiting area.

You may notice a few changes in our current care practices. First, all patients will be asked to rinse and spit with chlorhexidine (Peridex™) solution or Hydrogen Peroxide Solution. The doctors and team members will not shake hands with patients. Please do not take this personally, as it is for everyone’s safety.

Lastly, we truly care about each and every one of you. Our staff is a family, and our patients are an extension of that family. We will be available to you via phone and, for our patients of record, through our text message service. Because so little is known and recommendations are changing daily, these policies may be updated often. We will be here at the office for you and your families to continue to alleviate pain, infection, and provide needed oral surgery services. We will remain open to treat patients who need oral surgery services.

God Bless you and all your families. The Greater Modesto Community is strong and supportive, and we will all get through this together. Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can be of assistance and help you through this difficult time.