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Full-Arch Restoration

Full-arch restoration can replace an entire arch of teeth using as few as 4 dental implant posts, giving you a complete and natural-looking smile.

Full-Arch Restoration

What is full-arch restoration?

Full-arch restoration is an innovative procedure that offers a brand-new smile to patients who are in need of a full-arch replacement. Full-arch restoration involves the placement of 4 specialized dental implants in the patient’s upper or lower jaw that are attached to a full denture. Many patients choose full-arch restoration because this implant-supported denture offers them a brand-new set of teeth in a single procedure allowing them to begin enjoying the benefits of their new set of teeth right away.

Am I a candidate to receive a full-arch restoration?

If you have lost or are on the verge of losing your entire upper or lower arch of teeth, you may be eligible for full-arch restoration. This treatment is often explored by patients who are currently wearing a removable denture and are looking for a more stable, long-term solution. At Greater Modesto Dental Implant & Oral Surgery Center, we want to ensure that you receive the prosthesis that is right for you and your needs. We will always explore all of your options for tooth replacement with you to find the best possible solution.

Why should I choose full-arch restoration?

While many patients who have experienced extensive tooth loss consider the placement of dental implants, restoring an entire upper or lower arch of teeth with individual dental implants requires an extensive restoration and long recovery. In addition, individual implants can also become an extremely costly process.

A bridge or removable denture can also be considered; however, these options involve the grinding down of healthy teeth for placement or rely on the strength of neighboring teeth to carry their burden. Temporary restorations are just that—temporary.

At Greater Modesto Dental Implant & Oral Surgery Center, we want to provide you with the very best option for tooth replacement that feels and looks the most like your natural teeth. One of the main reasons we offer full-arch restoration is that it is one of the most time-efficient dental restoration procedures available. Sometimes, full-arch restoration can be completed in just 1 or 2 surgical visits. Patients will experience a reduced post-surgical recovery time and minimal discomfort after the procedure, allowing them to chew, speak, and smile again in no time!

Benefits of full-arch restoration include

If you are interested in finding out if full-arch restoration is right for you, we encourage you to schedule an initial consultation at Greater Modesto Dental Implant & Oral Surgery Center. We would be happy to conduct a thorough oral exam and review all of your options for dental implant restoration.