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Meet Ken

He can eat whatever food he wants again.

I'm Ken; I'm from Ripon. I had some teeth that fell apart, which some of us older people have, you know. I was sent here to Dr. Baker to have it removed and an implant put in. I think I've been here eight or nine times; I've got about nine implants. They do, here in this office, make it as pleasant as it possibly can be. My implants not only feel like my natural teeth, but I can chew with them, and that's kind of important. You know, when you have a bunch of missing teeth and stuff like that, and broken ones and so on, it's not too nice. It just makes it so much nicer to be able to chew a good steak and be able to eat whatever you want to eat. The staff here is very nice, very helpful, and Dr. Baker does an excellent job at what he does.

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