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Meet Mike

His wisdom teeth removal was painless.

Hi, my name is Mike, and I'm from Modesto. I was recommended to Dr. Barber's office because I had an issue with a wisdom tooth that they weren't sure about, and it ended up that it had to come out, and Dr. Barber did a terrific job. It was painless. I was put in the chair, and I was given an anesthetic, and then it was over. It was just over, and there was no pain. Actually, I had a bit of pain later that afternoon, but you know, it was expected, and by that evening, I was 95% back to normal. I was just very, very comfortable as soon as I walked in the door; the team that I was around, everybody from the receptionist to the assistants to the dentist, everyone worked great. I had a good sense about this place; from soup to nuts, this is a really, really, really nice establishment. They have a great business model, and best of all, they did good work on my teeth.

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