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Meet Rachel

She needed implants placed, and the procedure was painless.

Hi, I'm Rachel from Oakdale. I saw Dr. Cadra when I was 15, and he did some extractions for me. I just had my primary teeth, which means that I only had my baby teeth and not my adult teeth underneath them, which is very common. And so from the get go, we had the plan to do the implants. I saw Dr. Barber in October, and he proceeded with my implants that I had done. I had two done. I wasn't very nervous to get them done, but having them done, I feel better having them now. I don't really remember the procedure, but afterwards, no pain at all, and I was up and running around the next day. If any family or friends in Oakdale, Modesto, or Manteca needed extractions or dental implants, I highly recommend Dr. Cadra and Dr. Barber.

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