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Meet Tom

The entire staff eased his nervousness.

My name is Tom, and I am from Modesto, CA. I came to Dr. Baker originally because I had a tooth issue, and my local dentist said that it needed to be extracted and an implant put in its place. Dr. Baker quickly eased all nervousness that I had; he has a wonderful, professional staff, and they were very friendly and welcoming. I felt very comfortable. First of all, they tell you to relax, make sure that you don't have any anxiety. They give you some Novocaine to kind of deaden the area. The procedure went very well. It was smooth; the extraction happened so quickly. He said, "We're all done," and it was over in just minutes. Then I came back to see Dr. Baker for the grafting and the other procedure that followed. Dr. Baker and his staff are wonderful people; I've gotten to know them quite well now because of my times visiting here, but each time has been nothing but a positive experience. I highly recommend them.

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